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Safety Precautions when using a Sex Swing

When it comes to branching out and spicing up your sex life, it really doesn’t get better than sex swings. They allow marvelous freedom of movement, which means that you can try out all those sex positions you’ve been curious about but didn’t have the flexibility of a freaking Cirque du Soleil gymnast to achieve.  Not that long ago, you could only see a love swing at a sex party or in a BDSM dungeon. They were an expensive novelty that allowed people to take a swing and try something new (like hammock sex!). Today, sex swings lost none of their appeal, but they did become more affordable. That means that anyone can buy and install one in their homes! But, before you go running off to the nearest sex toy shop (or a website), make sure you actually know everything you need to about sex swings.  The most vital Read More
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An Inside Look at Thailand’s Prostitution Industry

Thailand has long been an iconic destination due to its beautiful beaches, unique food, and one-of-a-kind culture. It’s among the most exotic tourist spots on the planet. However, behind its lush palm trees, iconic temples, and dreamy waters, it also offers a different kind of adventure.  When the sun sets, the streets transform into prostitution zones and red-light districts where anything goes. From happy ending massages, blow job bars, ping pong shows to wild drunken orgies, Thailand is highly controversial for its sex tourism.  Even though prostitution is prohibited, several loopholes exist. The law mainly turns a blind eye and permits the industry to flourish. So how large is the sex industry in Thailand, and why is it so popular with tourists? Keep reading for an inside look at Thailand’s prostitution industry! Estimated Number of Prostitutes in Thailand  Prostitution is extremely prevalent in this country, and it has existed for Read More
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The Rise of Online Prostitution

Internet prostitution has become incredibly popular due to new technologies and social media. Aside from webcams and live sex streams, the web also contains thousands of listing sites, online escort services, independent websites, adds on message boards or social platforms, and even review sites. While webcam sex is generally legal in many countries, online prostitution is causing worldwide sex exploitation and is still prohibited. The evolution of social media and web prostitution has placed sex ads and services on the front pages of even some of the biggest websites like Craigslist and Facebook. Moreover, pimps and employers are utilizing the advantages of the internet to stay anonymous and avoid detection while protecting their employees.  But how exactly did prostitution become an online business? What are its risks, and how does it happen? This article will explore the rise of online prostitution and look into how the internet has become the Read More
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Everything you need to know about sex tourism

If you’re a travel aficionado as well as a sex freak (who isn’t?), you may be interested in combining the two. Sex tourism has been a popular activity for long since it mixes vacations in tropical destinations with even hotter activities. Thousands of people, both single and coupled, take part in this type of tourism each year. However, it comes with a lot of prostitution and even non-consensual activities. If you’re considering a new adventure or are simply curious, check out our guide. Here’s everything you need to know about sex tourism! We’ll be your sex tourism guide, outline the legal and illegal countries, and include various tips. Sex Tourism This type of tourism combines vacations and organized trips with lots of sexual activities. People who participate in it travel to remote locations often like Thailand and engage in sex with prostitutes. Bangkok sex tourism is popular, despite it being Read More
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