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Planning for Better and Safer Sex While Traveling

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Don’t worry — this list of things you should do isn’t long. It doesn’t even require you to jump through hoops. All it asks of you is some careful thinking and planning. And, of course, a bit of research.

Whether you’re aiming for casual sex or you’re bringing your partner, the same rules apply: stay safe, bring your supplies, and be considerate of others.

Get Tested for STDs

Being in tune with your sexual health matters most of all. It’s something you expect others to do, too, right? You should get tested for STDs even if you are entirely positive you are clean. Just to be safe.

People you might hook up with might appreciate knowing your status. They might and should share theirs as well. So, test yourself and carry that little piece of paper everywhere. Consider it your ticket to the safe sex tour.

Testing after you come back home is important too. Just to be sure you came back safe as well.

Bring Your Own Pills and Condoms

Having safe travel sex is the way to go. Sex, in general, should always be done safely. So, if you’re on a little magic (birth control) pill, make sure you don’t leave it behind. Just because your STD test says you’re clean, that doesn’t mean you should engage in risky sexy business.

Make sure you have a stash, just in case. You never know what can happen. Maybe you accidentally drop or lose them. What then? It can happen!

Not only that, but you should stock up on condoms as well. We’re sure every country has them, but it’s best to be safe than sorry. Also, the language barrier can cause some issues. Even though we doubt there’s a person in this world who wouldn’t recognize the word ‘condom.’

Bring Your Toys and Lube

If you can’t do without them at home, why would you even think of traveling without them? Bringing sexy toys can spice up even the most boring hookup. Or it can help you have fun when you’re on your own.

It’s essential to do your research, though. Why? Some countries don’t allow sex toys to pass the border. In fact, some even deem them illegal. We don’t recommend taking that risk because you can end up in big trouble.

However, there are some pretty subtle-looking toys out there. At the end of the day, the choice is yours. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Be Clear About Consent

Here comes yet another thing of utmost importance. Consent is of paramount importance for both men and women, especially when you’re having casual sex with strangers. Consent might be obvious and normal to you. But not to some people, though.

Some people might think that just because you agreed to sex, you’ve agreed to anything they want to do during sex. Being explicit about consent ensures your safety. It’s okay to talk about all the things you want or don’t want to happen. Yes, even with your hookups. Trust us that it won’t ruin the mood.

We’re sure they’ll appreciate it too. It will ensure that you’re on the same page. Make sure you state that you can revoke consent at any point during sex itself. No hard feelings, right? Sometimes it’s just not going the way you want it to, and it’s pointless to continue if it doesn’t feel good.

Book a Private Room

Isn’t being considerate such a fantastic trait to have? You should apply that to your sex tourist life as well. No hostel sex! Come on now. We’re sure you and your hookup buddy can splurge a little and make the sex all the more exciting.

Why does hostel sex suck? Not only can people hear you, but you know they can. Suddenly you’re uncomfortable with that fact. It’s like they’re right there, paying attention. The roles can be reversed, too. Remember that one time you were enjoying some quiet time in your dorm room until the couple next door started screaming in pleasure? Not fun.

Be Familiar With Local Healthcare

So, you’ve been super careful and all. You used a condom and everything. But something happened. Maybe it broke, or you found yourself experiencing symptoms of certain STDs. Now what? How do you get the morning-after pill?! Let’s calm down; there’s no need to panic.

Most of the countries in the world have walk-in clinics. That means you can get tested or have medical attention without booking an appointment. Pretty convenient! However, in some other parts of the world, medical attention might not be available that easily, and you might need to go to a hospital.

Researching before booking a flight will make all the difference.

Enjoy It but Maintain Respect

When we meet people, having manners and treating them with respect is something we should always do, even if they’re strangers we are having casual sex with. You expect them to treat you well, so you should return the favor.

Not only are you experiencing different people but cultures as well. It’s important to enjoy that freedom. But it’s important to respect the culture as well. Talk with your hookup and see if you want something to happen again, or you want to part ways.

Maybe they’re a fun person? Maybe they’d make a good friend. Have you not heard of friends with benefits? This would be the same, except it’s long-distance. That can still work out, though.

So, don’t just up and leave or sneak out in the middle of the night (first of all, that’s kind of unsafe). If you decide to part ways, make sure you do so on a good note.


Being a solo traveler doesn’t need to be boring. Traveling with the desire to have casual sex, however, might require some planning. It’s nothing you’re not doing back home — it’s just that there are some steps you should take to be extra careful.

We hope you’ll find it easy to stay safe while traveling and having casual sex. Sex with strangers can be extremely exciting, so why not enjoy it? Sex tourism is good, but only when you’re making sure you’re safe.