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What’s Urethral Sounding and Why You Should Do It?

We know that the exercises of the Kegel method are one hundred percent effective to tone the muscles of the vagina and improve your sexual encounters, but did you know how to choose a urethral sound for a beginner?

You can increase the erotic potential of your vagina without great efforts. You only have to do a few visualization exercises so that you are more aware of what happens in your intimate area.

The only thing you should do is:

  • Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Visualize how the air flows from your hips towards your feet.
  • Concentrate on the lower part of your belly and think of it as if it were a container full of energy.
  • Think of the different organs in that container. Visualize your kidneys, suprarenal glands, ovaries, uterus, vagina, perineum and anus.
  • Now, imagine that the energy of your belly overflows slowly.
  • Keep your breathing rhythm for five minutes and then start with the Kegel exercises. Remember that these movements are designed to strengthen the muscles of your pelvic floor and increase the sensitivity inside your vagina during penetration.
  • It is important that while you contract and relax the muscles of your vagina, think about the sexual energy of your belly as it overflows.
  • To increase the sensations, you must emit sounds of pleasure when inhaling and exhaling. Remember that the time to relax the pelvic muscles is as important as the time to contract them.
  • If you want to improve the results, we suggest you try the “jade egg”, an old Taoist practice one hundred percent effective.
  • The technique is very simple. You must introduce a jade or quartz egg into your vagina. Once inside, you must contract and relax your pelvic muscles, just like in the Kegel method.
  • By having an object inside you, it will be easier to increase the pressure and speed with which you contract the vagina. You will notice that your energy and pleasure grow as you get used to the movements.

For more detailed steps, go to lustplugs.com.

Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the vagina and increase pleasure during sex have been practiced for 3,000 years. They were born in India, they were perfected in Japan and Thailand and they are known as pompoarism. Do you know what this technique consists of?

The pompoarismo or pompoar teaches to the woman to control the vaginal muscles and its objective is to intensify the feminine and couple’s pleasure.Ideally, exercise daily, in the morning and at night, and do at least three sets of 15 or 20 repetitions for each of the vaginal exercises. It is very common to feel difficulties to move the muscles of the vagina in the first attempts, but do not be discouraged. You will notice the positive results in your sexual relations in the first weeks.

Write down these exercises to strengthen the vagina

  • Sit in a chair with your hands resting on your leg. Keep your feet parallel and separated by 20 centimeters one from the other. Contract the muscles of the vagina as if you squeeze something inside it. Count to three and relax. The shrinking time gradually increases until you count ten.
  • In the same sitting position, it contracts and relaxes the muscles of the vagina quickly. To maintain a rhythm imagine that you accompany an accelerated breathing.
  • Lie on the bed and keep your legs apart and arched. Put a finger in your vagina and try to tighten it as much as you can. In case you do not feel pressure, introduce two fingers. When the muscles of the vagina are more rigid, try again with just one finger.
  • Lie on the bed and keep your legs apart and arched. Put a finger or two in the vagina and try to suck them with the vaginal muscles. Count to three and relax. It seems impossible but it is a very effective exercise.
  • Lie on a yoga mat and leave your arms along your body and legs flexed. In this initial position, it contracts the buttocks and slowly raises the hip to end up resting on the shoulders and feet. Slowly return to the starting position and relax the gluts.
  • In the previous initial position, it contracts the anus in three times, without relaxing. First a slight contraction, followed by a stronger contraction and then a high intensity anal contraction. Immediately afterwards, it contracts the vagina as if it were sucking something. Count to three and relax the muscles, first those of the vagina and then those of the anus.
  • Standing and with your legs slightly bent, put your hands on your waist and leave your feet in parallel separated by 20 or 30 centimeters. It contracts the internal parts of the vagina and moves the pelvis forward and up. Count to three and relax.
  • In the same standing position, make a continuous and circular movement as if you were playing with a hoop, only in four phases: move the pelvis up and forward; move the hip to the left; push the ass backwards; move the hip to the right.
  • Standing: with your arms relaxed along your body, keep your feet parallel and distant 20 centimeters from each other. Contract the buttocks and try to join them as much as you can. Count to three and relax.
  • In the previous position, it contracts and relaxes the muscles of the vagina in an intense and accelerated way following the rhythm of an accelerated breathing.

Not only can the tongue make a penis, but also the fingers. Make your index enter your vagina; it does not need to be much. The sensitivity of the vagina is located in the first third, in the entrance and only about three centimeters inside. Move your finger gently as if it were the penis, going in and out and then turn it around.

Break the borders as you already know, the vagina shares a wall with the rectum, therefore, it can be achieved by stimulating the shared nerves. Put your finger in the vagina and touch the inside of the vagina from the bottom. At first, it can produce a rejection, but if it is overcome there are many women who do not find anything more stimulating. Then look for the G-spot at the top, such as at 11 or 1, imagining that the hole in the vagina was the dial of a watch. The exercise consists of moving your finger inside from point G to the perineum, making circles as if you were trying to enlarge the hole. The three fingers Put the index and the heart into the vagina and place the thumb on the clitoris. Move the three with rhythm from the inside out. Try to do it also moving the arm to the elbow to not get tired. It is a very good alternative to penetration when your penis does not obey you or is tired.

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How To Find The Right Dildo for Prostate Stimulation

The best prostate dildo that brings joy is used both to treat and prevent prostate diseases, as well as to increase sexual pleasure and orgasm. You can find out more about the benefits of prostate massage in this article.

Is prostate massage good for you? 

In the presence of diseases of the urinary-genital system, especially in the acute form, we do not recommend the use of prostate massagers. In this case, you must consult a doctor and follow his appointments.

Experts’ recommendations are designed to use the prostate massager for the prevention, improvement of erection and sexual satisfaction.

What is a prostate massager?

Toys for prostate massage have a special isogic shape corresponding to the male structure. The tip of the massager is usually slightly pointed conical shape, for easy and comfortable introduction. Further, the massager has a thickening, it is this part that will stimulate the prostate. The other end of the device usually has a safety limiter and often additional relief protrusions for external stimulation of the anus and perineum.

How to prepare for a prostate massage

  • Clean your massager with antibacterial soap or a special antibacterial agent for sex toys. For safety reasons, we recommend using a massager with a condom.
  • Hygiene procedures. Start with an anal shower, the purpose of which is to clean the anal passage. Then, we recommend taking a relaxing bath. So you will be confident in the crystal purity of your anus and reach a favorable psychological attitude.
  • Stock up on a special anal lubricant compatible with the material of your toy. If your massager is made of silicone, TPR, TPE, or cybells, a water-based lubricant will suit you. More about lubricants can be found in our article.

How to find the prostate?

The prostate is located in the center of the male pelvis, between the bladder and the rectum. The back wall of the prostate can be felt through the rectum, at a distance of 5-8 cm (2-3 phalanges of the finger) from the anus, on the side facing the navel.

To start a prostate massage:

  • Apply a lubricant to the anus and massager.
  • Take a comfortable position for you. There is several recommended posture for prostate massage:
  • On the side, bending and pulling one leg to the chest;
  • On the back, bending and pulling both legs to the chest, you can put a small pad under the lower back;
  • Squatting, squatting over a massager;
  • Knee-elbow posture, if you will be massaged by your partner.
  • Carefully and gradually insert the toy into the anus, while the curved tip of the massager should be directed toward the navel. Focus on the comfort of their feelings; you should not experience sharp pain.
  • When you insert a toy, move it gently inside to feel the prostate and get a feeling from it. Try to find in this way a special erogenous zone, a P-point, the stimulation of which leads to orgasm. When you get to it, you will immediately understand this by the “other” sensations. It will not necessarily be a delight at once, just “other”.
  • Start with light and gentle movements with a massager. If your feelings are comfortable and pleasant, you can increase the intensity of movements and vibrations as much as you like.

Useful tips:

Start by warming up. The area of ??the anus and the perineum, where the outer side of the prostate is located, is extremely sensitive male erogenous zones. Starting prostate massage with the stimulation of these zones, independently or with the help of your partner, you will achieve the desired mood, get excited and get more pleasure from the massage.

If you want to experience a prostate orgasm, do not masturbate during the massage. Prostate orgasm occurs without ejaculation. During the massage you will be excited and will feel like masturbating. If you do this, then of course you will experience a brighter and stronger orgasm, it will be very nice. But, then you cannot experience prostate orgasm.

After prostate orgasm, you can achieve a normal orgasm with ejaculation by stimulating the penis.

The prostate massager is a male sex toy of the new generation that serves simultaneously as a prostate stimulator and a device that allows a man to get not just pleasure, but to achieve unforgettable orgasms by force. In this article we will talk in detail about this amazing tool, its varieties, the meaning and principle of operation, as well as how to choose it and how to use it correctly.

What is a prostate massager and what is it for?

Based on the name, you probably guessed that this toy is needed to massage the prostate gland. “But why massaging the prostate?” You ask. The fact is that this gland is a very erogenous zone in the male body. She is directly involved in the process of orgasm in men. In addition, she herself is very sensitive to touch. Therefore, prostate massage can deliver a lot of unusual and very pleasant sensations to a man, which can eventually bring him to orgasm.

This is about pleasure. But pleasure is not the only thing such a massager can give. The prostate is a very important organ in the sexual and endocrine system of a man, from the health and normal functioning of which both the potency and the male libido depend. Therefore, it is very important for a man to keep this organ healthy and in good shape. A massage as nothing better contributes to improving blood circulation, and thus improving the work of this gland as a whole. The prostate massager allows you to enhance sexual energy, enhance sexual function and improve erection. This toy supports the prostate in good shape, promotes blood flow to it, prevents stagnation, but, most importantly, it significantly increases libido and causes a powerful orgasm.

What do prostate massagers look like?

Most often, they have a curved, ergonomic shape, represented in the form of a horizontal base and extending from its center vertically or at an angle, the working part. The working part, in turn, is a barrel of different configuration and curvature, but optimally adapted to the anatomy of the male body, which allows you to make the use of this toy as efficient as possible. The base can be of any shape, but it is necessarily larger (thicker than the working part) as it serves as a stopper so that the toy does not go completely into the anus. Below in the picture you can get acquainted with the most popular forms of this sex toy. Better yet, check loveplugs.co for you to have a better look what it looks like and better options with their array of collections.

Types of prostate massagers, their distinctive features

The modern market of intimate toys offers a fairly large range of various devices to stimulate the prostate gland. As for the types and varieties of these devices, all their differences can be described by 4 main criteria: shape, color, size, material, the function “vibro”, perineal massage.

The form: As can be seen in the figure above, prostate massagers can be quite different in shape, although they have a general idea in structure. Basically, these differences are in small nuances, which allow each man to choose the most suitable toy for him, the most adapted to his physiological structure.

Dimensions: The sizes are different both in the length of the working part and in its thickness in order to please the preferences of any man.

Color: Criterion, which perhaps does not affect the sensations and quality of stimulation, but rather simply satisfies any aesthetic preferences.

Material: Usually massagers are made from latex, silicone, cyberskin, medical plastics and other materials.

If we are talking about a vibrating massager and not simple toys, then it is worth noting the ways of power supply, which is sometimes very important when choosing a particular toy. There are they on batteries and on batteries, which are charged both from the network and via USB. USB connector allows you to connect a toy to a laptop or computer.

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Are There Different Types of Ben Wa Balls?

Yoni eggs have been used in Eastern cultures for several centuries. The reason: it improves female health. And this tradition has been passed down through generations of new cultures. Yes, and now it is slowly coming to us. Yoni eggs, or jade eggs, are egg-shaped gemstones that are inserted into the vagina.Yes, but what are the things good for? Yoni eggs as gifts can be said to be common already. But it’s not only limited to that, of course.

Why you should have a yoni egg

A yoni egg is great for a lot:

  • It strengthens your pelvic floor muscles
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Supports your digestion
  • You feel more pleasure
  • It cleanses and energizes and helps to process sexual trauma

So in short: It brings life back to your booth.

How to use a yoni egg

Before you use it, boil some water; allow it to cool slightly with a pinch of good salt until it is lukewarm. Then put your egg in the water for 15 minutes. Then we hold it again briefly under water (because of the salt) and lead it with the thick side in my vagina.It stays there as long as it wants. But for the first time we would recommend you so 1-2 hours daily. You will have to know about the types of ben wa balls also.

Mine immediately felt at home and did not want to leave. So it just stayed in there. we had a funny picture in mind: My egg went in with cleaning bucket and mop in and cleared up properly. Overnight is also a nice thing. You are sleeping normally and your muscles are still working.

Now, a little story is sure to pop into your head. But what if it gets stuck down there? Well then you have to go to the doctor and he brings you the sweet part with quite strange devices and interventions out again.

Little fun!

I can reassure you, do not worry! For one thing, you can do a piece of dental floss. There are two holes at the top of the narrow point. There you can simply thread the floss. (But please do not give it with menthol, it will be fresh down there.) And on the other hand, just the opposite is usually the case. It feels like you lose it.

At the first try we would try it out at home. Do it on a day when you are quite relaxed at home and have not planned big things.

First get a feeling for your egg. The egg that puts your vagina in top shape. The yoni egg is a multifunctional talent: The gem egg has a revitalizing and invigorating effect and on our vagina. For that you just have to put it in the vagina and do what you just have to do. The exercises with the egg-shaped gemstones should have the following effects:

  • Strengthening and massage of the pelvic floor muscles
  • increase blood circulation
  • Support digestion
  • Increasing pleasure and the ability to orgasm
  • Cleaning and energizing the genital area
  • Protection against infections and fungal diseases
  • help after sexual trauma

Yoni eggs are made of different gemstones, such as jade, rock crystal, rose quartz or red jasper.The eggs are between three and five centimeters in size – thus correspond approximately to the diameter of a (erected) average German penis . Almost self-explanatory that the yoni egg must be introduced into the vagina to develop its effect.But first of all: boil with hot water and wait until it is lukewarm. This makes it germ-free and pleasantly warm. If you, for yourself, wanna have a little fun, Click here.

But how does the yoni egg work?

  • Take the yoni egg and oil it at will, e.g. with commercial lubricant or Vaseline.
  • Next, insert the yoni egg into the vagina with the thick side first.
  • If it is completely in the vagina, put it on. Then relax it again. Repeat alternately for several minutes, ideally as follows: inhale, hold breath, tense, count to twelve in your mind, exhale slowly, relax, continue to breathe normally, and count to twelve again in your mind.

Now you can do some pelvic floor exercises with the yoni egg:

  • Stand with the inserted yoni egg.
  • Circle the pelvis, alternating right and left.
  • Now describe a lying eight with the pelvis, alternately right and left.
  • Lie down again and let the yoni egg rest in the vagina the muscles are also passively engaged with the egg.

Before you introduce the yoni egg into the vagina for the first time, you should for safety’s sake wrap ribbon e.g. dental floss but without menthol around it and let it dangle out, so that you only have to pull on it later to get it out. Some yoni eggs have two holes at the narrow top where you can thread the ribbon.

If you are already practiced, you can introduce the yoni egg without a ribbon and push it out using the vaginal muscles.

The benefits of Kegel balls

You’ve probably heard of post-delivery pelvic floor re-education, which involves getting your perineum and your muscles regularly. Geisha balls will make you do the same exercises while being inside your vagina.Whether you use one or two balls, you will have the choice between different sizes and weights. These balls have many advantages:

  • Tones the perineum after childbirth or surgery
  • Allows controlling urinary leakage, incontinence and prolapsing organ descents.
  • To increase one’s pleasure, the balls of geisha would cause the construction of new nerves, which would increase the sensations and the pleasure to the point of becoming a fountain woman?
  • Reconnects with its femininity and sexuality
  • Reduces menstrual cramps and all types of
  • Helps to improve the amount of vaginal secretion (natural lubrication)
  • Harmonize your energy
  • Facilitates menopausal intercourse
  • Help with post-traumatic symptoms of sexual abuse
  • Helps facilitate childbirth under the guidance of his doctor

Sometimes the results are felt after only one week of practice see a day for some woman. Kegel balls will dramatically improve your sex life and your partner will quickly realize it. You will be more comfortable with your perineum and embrace your sexual energy.

You will be able to contract your muscles by having something to “catch” which will facilitate the exercises and strengthen your muscles.

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