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Soak Up the Fun — How to Enjoy Songkran as a Tourist

Celebrating Songkran Festival in Bangkok If you’ve never heard of Songkran in Thailand, you’re in for a wild ride. The middle of April usually sees the entire country of Thailand stop everything and celebrate the water festival by visiting temples, cleaning, spending time with their loved ones, and having massive water gun fights! Yes, you heard that right! During the hottest month in Thailand, Thai people get some much-needed relief by having water fights. However, there’s more to the Songkran festival than that. What Is the Songkran Festival Anyway? Songkran is the Buddhist New Year. Given that most Thais are Buddhists, Songkran is the biggest, most sacred, and most significant Thai festival. It’s the time of the year when old and young Thais wash away their sins, bad luck, and misfortune from the previous year. Sounds great, right? The festival originated back in the 13th century when it was a Read More