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What Is a Digital Nomad and How to Become One

In late 2012, I left the U.S. to travel and work around the world and have been moving from one beautiful country to another every few years. How was I able to hop on all kinds of adventures while maintaining a steady income? Well, I became a digital nomad!  Right now, I’m looking over the turquoise-blue water at Railay Beach in Thailand. It’s one of the most alluring beaches I’ve ever been to. It’s a place where I like to get creative and work remotely. If you are filled with wanderlust but would still like to keep a stable job, you may want to follow in my footsteps and take on the digital nomad lifestyle. But what is a digital nomad, and how can you become one? Here’s what you need to know! What Is a Digital Nomad?  First and foremost, a digital nomad is not a profession or a Read More