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The Scams You Should Avoid When in Bangkok

Thailand is full of tourists all year round, and that makes them an easy target for scammers and thieves. Even worse, the playing field has gotten incredibly big, and some scams are kind of difficult to spot if you’re a first-timer. So before your trip, take a look at this guide to the scams you should avoid when in Bangkok! The Red-Light District Scam When it comes to scams you should be aware of when traveling in Bangkok, the red-light district scam is possibly the most common one. There are several types of this scam. Many inexperienced tourists can fall for it. See how red light districts operate during this pandemic Fortunately, if you know how to spot it, you won’t get into any trouble. Generally, this tourist scam starts off with men approaching tourists. The man will come up to you and offer you a sexy “menu” for a Read More