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Finding Sex While Traveling the World

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What’s the best way to get lucky while traveling, and why is travel sex so fun? Finding sex while traveling can be a unique and unforgettable experience, but there are many tricks and tips you’ll need to know before you hook up with someone! Check out some of our secrets to finding sex while traveling the world!

The Beauty of Solo Travel

Lots of people travel to expand their horizons, learn about other cultures, and meet someone new along the way. When you travel alone, there will be no boundaries as to where you can go and what you can do. It’s easy to change plans and not actually cater to anyone else. Solo travel will also give you a lot of freedom when it comes to spending money, sightseeing, eating, etc. However, it includes another huge benefit, and that is the freedom to explore your sexuality.

When you’re out there in the world, you can have lots of sex with strangers in a city where no one knows you. This is why solo traveling can be highly liberating. It can boost your confidence and make you forget about labels or negative connotations that your community or friends might have about sex. It can also allow your fantasies to thrive. In turn, that can transform your sex life!

On the other hand, if you’re not into the idea of traveling alone but still want to explore foreign countries and find sex, it’s also not a bad idea to travel with a few friends. Traveling with friends can sometimes be better than doing it on your own because you could work as a team. For instance, this may make it easier to find sex if you take your friend group on a night out and explore your destination’s nightclubs.

Meeting Different People

Regardless of if you’re traveling on your own or if you’re with fellow travelers, exploring new countries will give you the opportunity to meet different people. You will make some valuable connections with individuals from various parts of the world. Meeting new people while traveling can also be quite an exotic experience, especially if you’re looking for sex.

Namely, as a traveler, the local men or women could be interested in you, especially if they’re looking for one night stands. If you’re a traveler, there’s a chance that locals will be more likely to sleep with you. This is because they may not want to hook up with people from their own community.

Additionally, if you’re looking for travel sex, just remember that it’s completely normal to have a strong need for it on your adventures. If you’re traveling solo, you will be able to find many naughty opportunities. For example, you could have sex while backpacking in Europe or while exploring the red light districts in Amsterdam or Thailand.

How to Be Successful at Finding Sex While Traveling

There are many tips and tricks to follow if you want to get lucky and enjoy safer sex. Obviously, you won’t get anywhere if you stay in your hotel room all the time. What’s more, you should try to be friendly to the people that you meet. If possible, research their culture and try not to do anything that would offend them. Also, find a way to get past some language barriers. If you meet new people, you could invite them over for dinner. Conversely, you can ask them to give you a tour or join them in other activities. It’s a good idea to hit up some local bars or clubs to meet sexually active strangers.

However, you could make a mistake if you pick the wrong destination. If you stay in a “non-party” town, your trip could be quite uneventful. However, if you find a hotel or hostel with a bar and if it’s located in the city center, you may have a better chance of making new connections. Another tip is to try a local walking tour as soon as you arrive. That way, you’ll quickly get familiar with the city you’re in. Plus, they can be an ideal opener if you want to meet someone.

Moreover, if you want to find a solo female sex fling or a handsome Parisian guy, you’ll need to be persistent. Try to go with the flow and don’t give up if someone isn’t into you.

Expect and Manage Rejection

One of the first steps towards success is to get used to rejection. Not everyone will jump at the chance to hook up with you on your travels. So be prepared to meet a lot of people and stay persistent. If you do this, it will boost your chances, and you will find casual sex eventually.

Additionally, note that rejection is something that can be managed. That is, you shouldn’t get discouraged or lose your confidence if the first person you meet turns you down. When you encounter a girl or guy, try not to wait too long until you invite them to go somewhere. What’s more, you may miss your chance if you’re too selective. An effective tip is to meet locals as well as other solo travelers. That will broaden your playing field, and you’ll get a better shot at hooking up with someone.

Decide on What You Want

When it comes to making new connections, you should always consider your goals. Do you want to find a lifetime partner in another country, or are you just looking for wild and anonymous sex?

If you find someone that you’ve clicked with, you’ll need to decide whether it’s just a fling or a chance to have a long term partnership. However, be prepared to respect the other person’s choice and walk away if they’re not interested in a relationship.

Also, note that travel sex isn’t the same as a random spring break hookup or a booty call that you can make on social media. It’s an entirely different experience and an adventure that can create lasting memories and not only because of the sexual activities. Finally, if you’re sexually active, it’s important to stay safe and take care of your sexual health. So don’t forget to pack your condoms, birth control, or any other contraceptive device!


That’s it! The only thing you’ll need to do next is to take the first step and book a trip. Then, follow our advice, and you’ll get laid within hours of your arrival! Good luck!