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Things to Remember Before Hooking Up With Someone

Hooking Up Etiquette Hooking-up has become the norm for many men and women of all sexual orientations. With many dating apps like tinder and several dating sites, you can find your next hook-up at a drop of a message. Online dating has made meeting people with the same intentions and interests a lot easier than ever before. But what should be the etiquette in today’s hook-up culture? What are the rules of casual sex? Well, let’s get into it. (Know the 3 kinds of casual sex here) Be Clear About Your Intentions The best hooking apps let you say what your intentions are from the get-go. If you are looking for a relationship, let it be known. If you are just looking for a casual fun time, maybe even a one-off, let the people know. That is how people know what you want, and they can see if they want Read More