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Thailand Prostitution: Some facts that you did not hear on the news

When one mentions Thailand in the company of friends, most will think of three things. Those who love food will immediately imagine some delicious Thai dishes. On the other hand, those who love traveling will mention numerous islands where they go on vacations.   However, food and travel aren’t the only associations when it comes to this South-East Asian country. Many people associate Thailand with prostitution, and for a good reason. It’s one of the most popular sex tourism destinations in the whole world.   Although it’s illegal, it’s pretty much impossible not to come across a male or female prostitute while visiting Thailand. Be it in a major city like Bangkok or some remote village — you’ll see shady massage parlors and red-light districts everywhere. Male Prostitution Is Common Too Even if it might sound sexist to some, most associate sex work with women. Yet, in Thailand, prostitution is Read More