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What’s Urethral Sounding and Why You Should Do It?

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The fans of kink are always trying to find new, more outrageous ways to explore and express their sexualities. One of the latest crazes is urethral sounding, or, as we prefer to call it, cock stuffing.

Truth be told, the practice is not that new, but it came to the forefront lately, probably because anal play became such an everyday thing to do. Nevertheless, urethral play is exciting, and it can be quite enjoyable. However, it is not the safest of kinks, so we will explain the procedure, as well as the potential dangers.

Medical Penis Sounding

Medical is a word you will come across often when you start researching urethral play. It all began as a medical procedure that was used to clear the urethra of blockages. It is a common practice even today. Catheters are, in fact, a form of urethra sounding.

So the process was designed to solve various urinary problems, but it evolved. Now, we use it to get sexual pleasure, which is, in its way, also beneficial for our health. It helps us relax, enjoy, and have a more positive outlook on our lives.

However, you should be extremely careful if you decide to indulge in this particular sexual activity. As with most medical things, you will need to follow the instructions and make sure you don’t skip any steps. If you take it too lightly (or too hard for that matter), you may end up with some nasty injuries.

Recreational Penis Sounding

So the idea is to insert a sex toy, or, to be more precise, a metal rod into your urethra in order to get sexual pleasure. Of course, it will sound like an insane thing to do in the beginning. But it works.

First, the urethra is full of nerves that are super sensitive and that you cannot access any other way. Second, applying pressure can increase the sensations that you can’t get enough of.

Moreover, if you use long, thin rods that can penetrate deep, you’ll eventually reach the prostate. And that is the source of real pleasure. Just imagine stimulating your P-spot directly!

Types of Sounding Devices

To climb this mountain of joy, you would need a specialized sounding kit. It is essential to forget about using anything else. Always stick to the toys explicitly designed for urethral stimulation. There are two primary types of instruments:

  1. Penis plugs 
  2. Urethral sounds

If you are just a sounding beginner, try the plugs first. They are tubes, usually around an inch long, that look less intimidating to newbies. Most models have a ring at the end and a hole in the middle. There are more advanced models as well, but start with a regular one.

On the other hand, urethral sounds are toys for more experienced players. They are cylindrical rods that vary in length and girth but are way longer than plugs. When they first see the rods, most guys just want to run away. Well, for deep urethral stimulation, you will have to use these wild boys.

Anyway, your choice of toys does not depend merely on experience. Some men find immense satisfaction in stretching the urethra and are not into prostate massage or deep sounding, whereas others are turned on by going as far as possible. There are many ways to practice cock stuffing, so you will decide what suits you best. 

Will You Be Harder?

This question is one of the most common ones when it comes to urethral play. It’s not a surprising one, though, since we all love our hard-ons to be massive.

However, what sounding will do to your erection depends on the individual. Some guys experience stiffer hard-ons, but there are cases when you may even lose an erection while the toy is inside.

Now, the most crucial thing about sounding is that it gives you a special kind of pleasure that does not necessarily involve massive wood. Having said that, you may get hard once the rod is removed and be ready for serious action.

Each case is different, and the only way to understand what it can do to you is by giving it a shot. Even if you decide it’s not your thing, it will still be a memorable adventure!

Will You Come Harder?

This frequent question is another one that is equally difficult to answer. Some people give up on sounding after their first try because they simply cannot get used to the feeling. Others want to go all the way during the very first session.

Most of us will come harder after or sometimes amidst insertion. The sensitive nerves of the urethra will just make our whole body highly sensitive. Additionally, the idea of doing something new and naughty may have an exhilarating effect on us. The ecstasy can come from the psychological aspect of the game.

A Quick Guide

The whole process is pretty straightforward. Ideally, you should be half-hard for the urethra insertion and adequately lubricated. The lube goes around your pee hole and on the instrument. With one hand, spread the urethral opening and insert the toy. If you are using a steel sound or plug, it will slide in on its own.

Listen to your body, be gentle, and go slow. If you feel any discomfort, notice a change in color, or pain is a sign for you to stop and try again later. You need to master the angle and the amount of lube, so be patient. In the end, here are some useful tips to help you stay safe:

  1. Surgical steel a.k.a. stainless steel is the only material that is safe enough for sounding toys. Anything else is out of the question. Plus, it’s easier to insert.
  2. Use lots of lube — and not the scented kind. You can get a special lubricant that is designed for urethral sounding and is 100% sterile. Anything else can cause urinary tract infections.
  3. Talking about sterile, make sure you sterilize your gear before and after use. We recommend boiling it for half an hour.
  4. Never push, pull, or use force in any way. It’s a gentle game, and a fractured urethra is not a problem you want to have.
  5. Try to restrain from coming while the toy is inside. Although plugs have a hole that allows your load to pass, you are still risking injury from muscle contractions unlike the muscles of the vagina which are very strong. Take the toy out and then shoot. 


Now that you are aware of all the facts, you can decide if this kink is something you would consider trying. It’s not for everyone, although we must say that it’s a one-of-a-kind experience that is hard to forget or give up on once you’ve tried it.  Still not convinced? Here is an article from lustplugs.com, that might help!