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The Best Kegel Balls Available on The Market

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Sex is one more critical aspect of our existence, which we should take seriously and with care. So, having a collection of various sex toys can be very beneficial for that part of our lives. They can help us explore our sexualities and bodies, bring more excitement to the bedroom, and even help us improve our health.

When it comes to Ben Wa balls, they can provide us with more than just sexual pleasure. These are great for doing Kegel exercise too, which helps us strengthen pelvic floor muscles. That way, you can learn how to reach stronger orgasms and even solve health issues such as urinary incontinence. In fact, a lot of doctors would recommend you get a Kegel exercise kit for this purpose.

Other than that, you can use them during masturbation and even sex. Once you put them inside, you get to explore different sensations of vaginal stimulation. Making certain movements while wearing them, like bending over, can be a very pleasurable and exciting experience. Also, having them inside during anal sex can result in amazing orgasms. 

But there’s a huge variety of Kegel balls. They come in different shapes, sizes, and weights, and it’s important to choose the set that fits you best. As long as you keep that in mind and use water-based lubricants, you’re free to go. 

But every sort of sex toy brings certain risks. When it comes to this one, using the set of Kegel balls that are too heavy for you can cause pain and discomfort. For that reason, it’s a good idea to get informed before you make a purchase. 

Natural Stone Ben Wa Balls 

So, the thing about Natural Stone Ben Wa balls is that they are really, really pretty. They are also known as yoni eggs. These come in such beautiful colors that anyone would want to own them for that reason only. It’s enough to say that stones used for making these Kegel balls are most often jade, rose quartz, and obsidian.  Yoni eggs as gifts are popular among men, since they give it to their wife like they give a jewelry.

What’s more, stone Kegel balls are safer to use than other types because of the natural material used in their making. However, these sets often have small imperfections on their surface. That doesn’t mean it’s always risky to use them, as long as imperfections are small and harmless. But you should definitely inspect them carefully before using them. 

Even though made of stones, these Kegel balls don’t necessarily have to be too heavy. There are small-sized ones that are great for beginners. And in case you believe in energetic and healing powers of crystals, these may be the best Kegel balls for you.

Vibrating Ben Wa Balls

Vibrating Kegel balls are great for solo play. In case you’re looking for a sex toy that can help you reach the seventh heaven by yourself, these may be the perfect choice for you. And since vibrating Ben Wa balls will give you more than one type of vaginal stimulation, you can have a lot of fun exploring the ways you respond to different sensations

Other than that, you can use them simultaneously with other toys, such as a vibrator, anal beads, etc. Playing with more than one toy at the same time is great for bringing more excitement to your solo play. 

And of course, using vibrating Ben Wa balls with your partner can help you spice things up in the bedroom. Since most of them come with remote control, these are perfect for foreplay. With this toy, you can even start to prepare for the main dish before coming home — in public space! 

Metal Kegel Balls

In case your vaginal muscles are ready for heavier weights, you should consider getting metal Ben Wa balls. Since these are mostly made of stainless steel, you can find really heavy ones that would provide you with more intense vaginal stimulation.

On the other hand, you can always stick with metal Kegel balls of small or medium size. These are a bit safer, and at the same time fun to play with. And of course, you can use them for pelvic floor exercise and pleasure at the same time!

One more great thing about metal Kegel balls is that the material such as stainless steel doesn’t have an expiration date. You don’t need to worry about them getting worn out with time. However, the one thing you should keep in mind is the cleaning of the string connecting balls. It can be a bit difficult to wash it properly. But if you choose the single ball design, you don’t need to worry about that.

Silicone Kegel Balls

There are numerous reasons why silicone Kegel balls are a great option for almost anyone. For instance, these are cheaper than metal or stone ones, and possibly easier to find. Also, since the material itself is quite light, the risk of overexertion reduces drastically. 

Given that, Ben Wa balls that are made out of pure silicone are a perfect choice for beginners. These too come in different shapes and sizes, so you should keep in mind that going too big too soon isn’t the best idea. Other than that, silicone Kegel balls are pretty safe to use in almost every case.

And you can use them for more than one purpose, including for preparing your vaginal muscles for bigger and heavier ball sets. Once you get comfortable with wearing silicone Kegel balls, you’re ready to go with metal, glass, or stone ones. 

Smartphone-Controlled Kegel Balls

If you’re looking for a perfect toy for a discrete play in public space, Kegel balls you can control with your smartphone would be an amazing choice. These are both fun and easy to use. Most of them have more than one vibration mode, and the app you’d be using is free!

Also, you can use those anywhere, depending on how much you like to risk. Playing with it while taking a walk or eating in a restaurant can bring a lot of excitement to your sex life. But first, make sure the toy you choose to buy doesn’t make too much noise.

And smart balls are also great for therapeutic purposes. The massage these will provide you with isn’t just pleasurable, but also good for strengthening your pelvic floor. All you have to do is to lie down and enjoy, while the toy does all the work!

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