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What’s It Like Getting a Sensual Massage in Bangkok?

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Mysteries and Pleasures of the Far East

For centuries, the western world has shown a great interest in exploring the distant countries and cultures of the East. Setting up trading routes with Asia, the Europeans, to a certain degree, exploited the vast riches of the eastern realms. But this was never only about the economy and culture exchange. Like always, sex lurked in the back.

Europeans quickly combined certain amusing elements of their own everyday lives with fascinating old eastern civilizations and religions. After all, the mainstream culture always looked for something new, unexplored, and dangerous. The far-eastern nations showed promise in every way possible. So, their beliefs and practices easily won the westerners over.

But like we’ve said, not everyone was just about the spiritual trip and cultural enrichment. Ordinary people wanted to have fun and see what sexual pleasures the distant and mysterious corners of the world had to offer. That kind of reasoning still exists today, and we can wholeheartedly say that it’s as big as ever. READ: 6 maps and charts that explain sex around the world.

Sex tourism is huge in Thailand and other neighboring countries, and Bangkok has to be the world capital of kinks and great sex. People worldwide travel abroad looking for fun, and going to Thailand is one of their favorite places to visit. Of course, it wouldn’t be as popular if it wasn’t as safe as it is.

Therefore, let us introduce you to sexual marvels and sensations of the Far East. You won’t end up disappointed, we guarantee it!

Nuru Massages

Even if Nuru massages came from Japan, they gradually became more popular in other far-eastern countries. One of the places you can experience the joy and sensation of such relaxation is Bangkok. Massage parlors offering them are on almost every corner, and most tourists end up knocking on their door at some point.

Nuru is a masterful massage that will relax your every fiber. The session involves the use of certain odorless massage oils, and the body-on-body process with the massage therapist relieves the subject of both their physical and mental stress. It has a sexual connotation, toom meaning you can opt to receive a blowjob or a prostate massage.

This erotic massage is done with the use of a Nuru gel. The point is for the therapist to provocatively rub their body against their subject, making their tension disappear. In case you didn’t know, sex is one of the best stress and anxiety relievers. Therefore, it’s easy to understand the connection between Nuru and intercourse.

Sensual Showers

Bangkok sex tourism isn’t only about Nuru and cheap sex. Their famous sensual showers are all the rage there too. Yeah, that’s right — showers! Taking a bath was always relaxing, but once you incorporate a handjob into it, you’ve got yourself some seriously kinky stuff.

In such a humid climate, your only option to refresh yourself off is to take a nice shower. But cooling yourself is just setting the mood for the real deal that comes afterward. If you let her, the girl washing your body will offer to please you orally or jerk you off.

Of course, if you’re not into it, you can just have your body washed. But believe us, not many opt just for that. You’ll be amazed once you see the sex workers in Thailand. It’s no wonder why so many western people travel there — they’re all going for those sweet Thai girls.

Oil Massages

Nuru massages are not the only treatment you can get in Bangkok. Classical coconut oil massages are also a thing; only they’re not so regular in Thailand. They’re also called happy ending massages, meaning that the girls offer you a blowjob or a handjob once they are done treating your painful back.

Again, the whole tourism industry is covertly about sex and fetishes. That’s not to say you’ve got nothing else in Thailand to see, but let’s be honest here — it’s all about getting pleasure. We’re not sure how many things are as good as combining a massage and a blowjob. Your whole body gets what it deserves, and you walk out a brand-new man.

Testicles Massages

Going for a regular or Nuru massage doesn’t necessarily mean you are up for some hot stuff. Maybe you are not the type who says: “I’m going to get my dick sucked.” However, you can always go guns blazing for a testicle massage. Yup, some parlors offer to sensually rub your ball sack, just to make you feel good.

Imagine someone slowly running their fingers between your legs, making the hairs on your neck stand up. That’s exactly how these treatments work. Your massage therapist will give you the best foreplay you’ll ever get. Not only will you forget about the rest of the world and its problems, but you’ll also set sail to the land of Thai girls and massive boners.

Of course, a testicle massage includes further sexual activity if you’re up for it. What would an erogenous zone treatment mean if not having a chance to blow your load once done?! The feeling of light touches down your crotch and your ball sack is one heck of a tale to tell your friends once you get back. Everything You Need to Know About Erogenous Zones.

The Overall Experience of Sensual Massages in Bangkok

It’s no secret that Thai tourism and their sex industry go like milk and cookies. The massages and great kinky sex you can get there are like nowhere else in the world. It’s a unique experience most people want to live through before they die.

It’s one of those bucket list things folks tend to write down once they reach a certain age. The variety of things you can do in Bangkok is so vast you’ll have to revisit Thailand. From Nuru to regular massages, you’ll have a chance to end it all with amazing sex.

Also, choosing and being picky when it comes to girls and masseurs is quite normal, so you won’t end up with a person you don’t find attractive. But the best part is that it’s all pretty affordable. You can have a happy ending massage from 1000 to 3000 Bahts (about 30–100 US Dollars).