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Ways to Find Sex in Bangkok, Thailand

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Let’s be real: we’ve all heard of Bangkok’s sex scene. Or should we say sex tourism? However you want to call it, it’s something Bangkok is known for.

So, here you are — thinking of visiting it and giving a whole thing a try. Because, why not? You’re adventurous enough to try it. You only live once, right? Exactly.

That’s why we have compiled a list of ways you can enjoy having sex in this fantastic city.

Dating Apps

Bangkok is a developing city full of tourists. Therefore, they have access to the latest tech and trends. That, of course, includes dating apps and sites.

However, we’d say it’s dating with a twist. The more experience you have with Bangkok sex life, the sooner you’ll realize a few things. One of them being that setting up some dates before you even visit the city is the best way to get laid for free.

Going on dating sites and apps is easy enough. But what will make your account stand out? Paying for the memberships or premium features, of course.

Pick several pictures that make you look extra fancy and start talking to girls. Thai women like white guys, so if you’re white — lucky you.

Massage Parlours

We recommend going to a massage salon if you’re up for some other type of sex service. There aren’t any regular spots where you get your anti-cellulite massage and go about your day. Women that work here make sure that this is an experience you’ll never forget.

Can you guess why? We’re sure you can. But how does it all go down? The process is pretty simple. Namely, you go to a salon and make yourself comfortable. Soon after, a manager comes and greets you. Then comes the exciting part.

The manager presents you with an array of women, all ready to serve you. So, what do you do with them all? Take your pick. You can take your time choosing and decide on whatever criteria you have in mind.

Not all massage salons offer this experience. So, make sure to pick the right one.

Red Light Districts

If you want to meet Thai girls in a slightly sexier setting, the red-light districts of Bangkok are the perfect places for you. The three main districts are Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza, and Patpong. There are just so many options.

However, these are the places you cannot visit without spending some cash unless you want to just pass through them. We’re sure that’s free. Every bar usually has a fee you have to pay, especially if it’s a bar with Thai girls. They also charge on how long your visit is going to last (long or short time).

Last but definitely not least, sex in these districts is actually quite safe. The ladies working there are tested for STDs every couple of months. What else matters? They won’t try to steal from you. If they do, you can always go back to the club and complain. Nobody wants that.


If you’re trying to have sex but not spend any significant amount of money, visit some of the many Bangkok’s nightclubs. There’s a pretty impressive lineup, so you won’t make a mistake choosing any of them.

These are the places where people (both locals and tourists) will be willing to hook up with you. So, there’s no need to pay for anything. Except maybe their drink because being a gentleman is always nice.

You can always pick up a prostitute in nightclubs, too. There’s something you should always keep in mind, though. Always negotiate the price before doing the deed. Why? So your girl of choice doesn’t end up asking for more than you’re willing to spare.

If the girl is pretty, be ready to spend some extra money. It might not be much for some, but we’re talking about $60 and up.

Practicing Safe Sex

This is something you should always have in mind, especially when you want to have sex with strangers. BKK sex isn’t always safe. Sex never is. That’s why it’s important to do your part.

If you’re going to Bangkok for sex tourism, be sure to get tested before you go. You should repeat the tests after you get back, no matter how safe you think you were being. Just in case, for your own peace of mind.

Make sure you always have condoms on hand even when you’re going on a simple outing. You never know where you’ll end up. Sex workers usually have them, but be prepared, in case they don’t. Being safe benefits both you and the person you’re having sex with. After all, you’re trying to have fun and not catch a disease.

Expect to Spend Some Money

Meeting girls in Bangkok is relatively easy but often isn’t cost-free. Before deciding to go to Bangkok and experience the (sex) tourism industry, you should know what you’re getting yourself into.

We’re not saying you’re going to have to spend bags of money. Sure, you can do that too if you want. All we’re saying is that everything has a price. The prettier the girl, the more money you’ll have to spend. The same applies to the length of the service you want.


Having sex in Bangkok isn’t an impossible task. That applies to both locals and tourists. All you have to know is where to look for it. It’s not like they don’t have these massage salons at full display. And we all know what kind of service they’re offering.

Whichever of these options you decide to go for, you’re bound to have a great time. Always remember to stay safe and enjoy Bangkok to the fullest.