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Finding The Right Male Chastity Device for Your Partner

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Perfecting the Process with the Best Male Chastity Device

How can you find the best male chastity device? How do you put it on? What about hygiene? Can you hear him rattling or is he completely unremarkable? If you have asked yourself only one of these questions, you are in the right place on this page. In this tutorial you will get your answer.

Wear Chastity Belt – The first donning

First of all you should look at different chastity belts together and choose the most appealing one for you. For this, our reviews on the best chastity cages for players and the best chastity belt for women can help you.

Then everyone should familiarize themselves with his situation. The chastity belt (s) should be unpacked and discovered together. You should find out together how to wear the chastity belt and assemble it.

When applying the chastity belt in men (and that is generally true) you should keep a tube of lubricant ready. For many chastity belts this is also included. The entire genital area should be shaved, this is true for everyone.

The creation of the lock for the chastity belt should be carried out by the other partner from the beginning. Even if that is a bit strange at first, you will get used to it quickly.

Wear Chastity Belt – The first week

Especially at the beginning it is extremely important to give the body time and not want too much of it. You should slowly get used to wearing the chastity belt. As a man, you should consciously refrain from sexual arousal through porn, etc.

For each of you, it’s better to be a little slower than to lose your appetite right at the beginning. You should definitely listen to the signs of your body and react accordingly. Mutual respect is particularly important when you both start wearing the chastity belt at the same time. Each person is different, but no one should take a break that lasts more than three days. This would be a fresh start and is certainly not in your interest.

In the first two to three days you should renounce sexual intercourse because the danger of a possible orgasm loss or the loss of the discipline of a partner is just too big. In addition, it could come to problems to want to wear the chastity belt again afterwards. Then everything would have been in vain.

In the first week you should wear your chastity belt every evening or afternoon until you go to bed. It is important that you wear it for at least four to six hours.

Wear Chastity Belt – The second week

Ideally, you should now be a little familiar with your chastity belt. Thus, you can now extend the wearing time further. At best, you can the chastity clamp in the morning and take off again in the evening, so wear the whole day.But here too: Dear rather slower than at some point to lose the desire.In the second week, the wearing time should be between six and twelve hours.

Wear Chastity Belt – The third week

Now it should be possible to extend to over twelve hours, at best up to 24 hours. This is however only the third weekend in a row. Here you should try to wear his chastity belt day and night.

In the first three weeks, an orgasm should be prevented as mentioned, but that does not mean that you are not allowed to have sex. At the end of the third week, you should take stock and ask yourself if that was so much fun and you want to continue or not. It will be exciting, however, only now.

Wear Chastity Belt – The fourth and fifth week

You’re (especially his) sexual desire should now have reached its peak. Each partner should now be able to wear his chastity belt day and night, i.e. permanently. Also in the fourth and fifth week should be dispensed with an orgasm.

The other partner (whom you both have a chastity belt for each of you) should be aware of their responsibilities and remember that an orgasm could result in a break of more than three days and a reboot!

Wear Chastity Belt – The sixth week

From the sixth week actually everyone should be able to wear his chastity belt permanently and you (or primarily the woman) can think about an orgasm. Everyone has now proven that he really wants to wear a chastity belt. We wish you fun with it, buy a male chasity device now at lockthecock!

How long should one wear a chastity belt?

The chastity is a very intense experience. Slowly approach the topic and allow yourself a lot of time during the familiarization phase. To get your body used to the chastity belt, wear it only a few hours in the first days. Should you feel uncomfortable or feel pain in the meantime, do not be too proud – stop the experiment. Because: Your health is natural.

Otherwise: Pay attention to the correct hygiene. Regular cleansing of the chastity belt and the entire genital area is essential. Otherwise, it can lead to infections, chafing and inflammation, which can be very painful.

Background to the chastity belt

A chastity belt is mainly used in role-playing games in the area of ??BDSM. Now, you may be wondering, how is it supposed to work as a sex toy if it prevents it from ever having sex? Well, that’s exactly what’s so appealing to many: the game of submission and self-control.

Because: Chastity means that you have neither an orgasm during sex with your partner, nor that you can touch or satisfy yourself. Sounds pretty hard, right? However, putting one’s own satisfaction completely into the hands of one’s partner can be quite exciting for many and is also a great sign of confidence.

The modern chastity belt

Today, a chastity belt is only intended to make sex life more exciting. Of course, the prerequisite is, as with all sex games: respect and trust.

The materials have become more skin friendly. Most chastity belts today are made of leather, plastic or metal. They exist in very different forms. Some are tied around the abdomen or hips and a narrow strip that runs between the legs covers only the genitals. Other chastity belts look like underpants made of leather or metal and cover the intimate area over a larger area.

The chastity belt for the woman

Chastity belts for women today have a high wearing comfort. Because: Many models are made of soft leather. The waist circumference is adjustable so that it fits all female body shapes. By connecting the chastity belt with sextoys, such as dildos and plugs, women can play particularly stimulating.