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Everything you need to know about sex tourism

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If you’re a travel aficionado as well as a sex freak (who isn’t?), you may be interested in combining the two. Sex tourism has been a popular activity for long since it mixes vacations in tropical destinations with even hotter activities. Thousands of people, both single and coupled, take part in this type of tourism each year. However, it comes with a lot of prostitution and even non-consensual activities.

If you’re considering a new adventure or are simply curious, check out our guide. Here’s everything you need to know about sex tourism! We’ll be your sex tourism guide, outline the legal and illegal countries, and include various tips.

Sex Tourism

This type of tourism combines vacations and organized trips with lots of sexual activities. People who participate in it travel to remote locations often like Thailand and engage in sex with prostitutes. Bangkok sex tourism is popular, despite it being illegal. However, commercial sex is illegal in many countries, but travelers can visit prostitution-friendly places like Germany or the Netherlands. Over there, anyone can enjoy a guilt-free sex adventure. 

Of course, traveling for sex doesn’t always have to be linked with prostitution. Today, you can organize meetups across the globe via the internet and take part in threesomes, orgies, hookups, etc. Nevertheless, the term “sex tourism” is almost always linked to prostitution. 

Remember, taking part in this kind of tourism will make anyone subject to the law. That means foreign citizens will always answer to the jurisdiction they are traveling to. If your country allows prostitution and you do not wish to leave, there’s a solution. It’s also possible to take part in domestic sex tourism. That involves cross-city travel within your country’s borders. 

Moreover, the sex tourism industry is worth billions of dollars. It supports not only sex workers but other industries as well, including those involved in transport or accommodation. 

Relationship of Tourist Travel Destinations and Sex Tourism

Many sex tourism hot spots are tropical destinations such as Thailand, Cyprus, the Caribbean, Indonesia, Costa Rica, and others are also an exotic travel destination. Most of these have become highly eroticized destinations for sexual encounters. The spots are located far away from travelers’ home countries. Moreover, even if prostitution is illegal in many tropical destinations, it has been present in their cultures for decades. That means travelers can venture into the unknown and take part in an activity that is easily accessible as well as incredibly cheap. 

Travelers from wealthy countries can arrive with disposable capital and experiment with all sorts of new sexual encounters. The trend is most popular with men who seek to bond with exotic women. However, it’s also popular with women and couples. Aside from any type of sex and fetish imaginable, the traveler can also gain numerous experiences related to regular tourism. That includes leisure, sightseeing, dining, inexpensive yet quality accommodations, relaxing on gorgeous beaches, etc. Another reason tropical destinations are popular sex tourism locations is that the law turns a blind eye to prostitution. 

On the other hand, you don’t always have to visit exotic destinations for sex tourism. Amsterdam is perhaps the most famous prostitution destination in Europe, where the activity is legal. The industry is thriving across Europe. Even though its destinations don’t offer the same type of tropical allure, they are still popular among tourists. Prostitution is regulated in these countries, which means that you’re less likely to encounter human trafficking problems and underage workers. 

Countries Where Prostitution Is Illegal

In countries where prostitution is outlawed, many sex tourists who break the law can get hefty fines or even jail time.

Many countries in Asia and Europe do not allow prostitution. However, it’s difficult to come up with an exact list of countries since the law is complicated. Many countries allow only one or more types of prostitution. However, others that fully ban it, like Thailand, have many loopholes in their laws, and it is easy to exploit them. They can essentially make it legal for someone to operate a commercial sex work business in a country where it is prohibited. That’s why sex tourism is incredibly alive and strong in Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, and other countries that have banned prostitution. 

Countries Where Prostitution Is Legal

If you want to avoid illegal sex tourism and only stick to countries that allow it, there are many options and destinations. 

Some of the most popular destinations with legal prostitution are Austria, Germany, Bangladesh, Japan, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Denmark, Ecuador, France, Greece, Indonesia. Others are the Netherlands, Switzerland, Turkey, Mexico, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Estonia, New Zealand, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Venezuela, etc.

Of course, even if commercial sex is legalized in those countries, the law is still complicated. There are various laws that allow or permit specific sexual activities. Japan, for instance, allows all types of prostitution except for those involving vaginal sex. Bangladesh, on the other hand, prohibits male prostitution but allows all other forms. Nevertheless, it’s easy to find these laws. There are plenty of legal choices for sex tourism adventures in most parts of the world. 

Plus, if you do not wish to take part in anything sexual, you can simply visit famous prostitution destinations. Amsterdam is full of kinky sex-related sights. The Red Light District is famous worldwide, and you can take a day to explore it. There are many entertaining and freaky sex museums, and you walk around and look at prostitutes behind glass windows. You can also visit Red Light Districts around the world, for instance, in France, Germany, Belgium, etc. 


Those who are planning to travel for sex should know that illegal prostitution is not the smartest choice. Even if it is available through many loopholes in the law, it can pose a threat due to human trafficking and other issues. Fortunately, you can travel to places where prostitution is entirely legal and enjoy your pervy sexual adventures there!